Collaborating With NTEWNI
February 18, 2020

On Tuesday 18 February, the Director of the National Trust of Fiji, Mrs Elizabeth Erasito and the Head of Planning for the National Trust for England, Wales and Northern Ireland (NTEWNI), Mrs Karin Taylor visited the National Park.

Mrs Karin Taylor is on a 6-week secondment with the National Trust of Fiji, in which she is sharing her expertise and experiences including best practises. Mrs Taylor has been in the country for over three weeks now.

This was her first visit to the National Park, where she was given a tour by the Park Manager. She said she enjoyed the visit very much . She also shared important feedback on how the National Park could improve existing services and tap into other areas that could benefit it and the community.

She is scheduled to visit the Momi Battery Historical Park next week on Tuesday 25 February. We are quite excited to have someone of her calibre, who is providing much needed assistance with our own heritage conservation work in Fiji.

Photos courtesy of the Director of the National Trust of Fiji

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