The Heritage in Young Hands is a 5-year environmental education programme that provides an opportunity for primary school students to make a real difference in their lives and surrounding.

This programme differs from many out-of-the classroom learning experiences in that it empowers children by:

  • developing students’ natural inclination to our natural and cultural world
  • developing students’ capacity and creativity
  • developing students’ roles as stewards of our environment and future

The programme adopts the T.K.C approach”. T.K.C stands for Touch, Know and Care. This approach is an action-oriented learning process where students are taken through 3 key learning stages:

The key aims of the Programme are:

  • To develop a mutually beneficial link between a protected site (natural or cultural), a local environmental centre, a Green Resort and a local primary school
  • To deliver a programme of educational sessions, linked to the curriculum, based around conservation (natural and cultural), environmental issues (nature/energy/waste/climate change) and sustainable living/consumption (how we behave and impact our planet)
  • To empower children to think logically and creatively to make positive changes in their school and communities through hands-on involvement
  • To instill pride, responsibility, and cooperation among children as life-long learners and future leaders
  • To develop and grow over the years with local primary schools, involving as many children as possible.

The Heritage in Young Hands Programme has three learning levels:

  1. Freshmen
  2. Trainee
  3. Junior Ranger


Learning approach: Education about the Environment

To be part of the Heritage in Young Hands Programme, students are encouraged to take their own initiative and apply. Successful students join as Freshmen. These freshmen (or New Recruits) then undergo a 1-year general environmental awareness training. The training covers the following themes: Heritage, Stewardship, Civic Pride, Volunteerism and Life Skills

Freshmen must complete 75% of the program to graduate to the trainee program.


Learning approach: Education in the Environment

As trainees, they get the opportunity to work closely with the National Trust of Fiji Rangers. This program is specific and hands-on. Students’ learning sessions are modelled after the National Trust of Fiji’s own ranger training program and covers areas such as plants, animals, safety, ranger roles, tour guiding, research and volunteerism.

This 1-year training program further develops their knowledge and skills and prepares them to be Junior Rangers.

Successful trainees who complete 75% of the program graduate as a Junior Ranger.


Learning approach: Education for the Environment

The Junior Ranger program is new and started in 2018. It’s a 3-year long program, modelled on the Education for Sustainable Development Pillars- Environment, Social and Economics.

The program broadens the Junior Rangers environmental education experiences, incorporating the social and economic elements that play an important role in our stewardship of the planet.

The program continues its hands-on learning approach, with strong emphasis on mentorship and community participation.

Junior Rangers who have completed the 5-year long program successfully, then become HIYH peer mentors and continue working with the HIYH team in the facilitation of future HIYH programs.


The National Trust of Fiji partnered with the Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa in 2016 to pioneer the Heritage in Young Hands programme.

Today, the two organisations form the Heritage in Young Hand’s Core Team, which is responsible for the implementation and sustainability of the program in Sigatoka and other areas that the program has extended to.

The team brings with it knowledge and experiences from different fields of work ranging from the land to sea including organisational actions at the community and national level.

The Heritage in Young Hands programme provides the opportunity for this wealth of knowledge and experiences to be summed up into an effective non-formal environmental educational programme for the children of F8.


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