Laucala Beach Estate Ring Ditch Fortification

Protected Ring Ditch Fortification

The Laucala Beach Estate Ring Ditch Fortification site is a twin ring ditch fortification situated on Crown Land at Laucala Beach Estate. One of the forts is clearly identifiable, with a well-defined ditch and four obvious causeways, the second, and adjoining fort is much less obvious at ground level. It is classified as a Historical Reserve and covers an area of around 2 acres. The site is the only well preserved ring ditch fort within the Greater Suva Area and the last of its kind within the Suva-Nausori corridor.

Laucala Beach Ring Ditch Fortification Site was used and maintained in times of tribal warfare.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that the site, some 1.3 hectares, was originally constructed by the people of Vutia, Rewa and was originally named Naivoco. The exact time of construction is estimated to have been constructed in the mid 1500s to the early 1600s. However, what is known through radio carbon dating that the War of Nawaidamudamu occurred in the mid 1700, during the last known battle, which was fought between the warriors who resided on the site and invading hillmen of Kalabu. War was waged on the Vutia people by the people of Kalabu, Naitasiri and is where an estimated 300 people were slaughtered and the area renamed “Nawaidamudamu”, because of the amount of bloodshed as a result of that war. Although no formal records can confirm this, elders from Vutia and Kalabu confirm that such an event occurred which led to the extension of Naitasiri and Kalabu boundaries to the coastal areas now known as Laucala Beach Estate.

The significance of the site lie in the fact that it is a well preserved example of a Fijian prehistoric site which was extremely common in SE Viti Levu. Its formation as a twin ring ditch makes even more unique from other fortifications found throughout Fiji. The area between Suva and Nausori were once covered by numerous remains of such sites but became less common as increased residential, commercial, and agricultural developments lead to their destruction.


The National Trust of Fiji works closely with the Laucala Beach Sustainability Society (LBSS), a not for profit organization of community members established to promote appreciation and the preservation of Fiji’s indigenous, natural and cultural heritage, and specifically the management and future development of the site. The LBSS has planted many indigenous fruit and tree species in over the past ten years.

The LBE Ring Ditch Fortification is not open to recreational visitors.

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